26 сент. 2010 г.

Green Park. London. Summer 2010

Something that is already on the website gallery, but i haven't shared it in my blog – so here we go. Early summer 2010. Green Park. London. Marina (long hair blond) and Christina (curly). Different girls not affiliated with each other whatsoever. Christina was just a stranger, who was making pictures with her friend, and i was shooting Marina and decided to offer express 10 minutes photo shoot. Just because Christine was very pretty.

Turns out, she’s the well known lingerie model from Latvia. Huh…

DSC_4169 DSC_4172 DSC_4173 DSC_4174 DSC_4314 DSC_4315 DSC_4316DSC_4215 DSC_4216 DSC_4217 DSC_4228 DSC_4230

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