14 сент. 2010 г.

FC Chelsea

Today together with other members of Ephotozine.com i was testing the Samsung NX10 digital photo camera at Stamford Bridge – home of Chelsea FC.


It is very compact camera which offers something in the middle between DSLR and a travel, take-me-everywhere camera. It has 3 lenses, playing with which you could achieve professional-like look of the images. Of course if you’re a professional photographer, it is not the substitute for your usual DSLR and cannot be compared to Canon M2, for example.

It is very light, and a menu is very intuitive. Never been using it before it took me only 10 min to familiarise myself with features and possibilities.

Samsung NX10 has built-in editing menu and easy change of apertures and shutter speed.

What i particulary liked is the LCD screen which changes to live-view when you bring it to your eye. It has some kind of censor there, so saves you time.

Pictures taken on the day are below :)



SAM_0388 SAM_0390 SAM_0393 SAM_0395 SAM_0396 SAM_0406 SAM_0412 SAM_0416 SAM_0421 SAM_0427 SAM_0431 SAM_0438 SAM_0444 SAM_0465 SAM_0481 SAM_0490 SAM_0491 SAM_0493 SAM_0511 SAM_0516 SAM_0559 SAM_0565 SAM_0571 SAM_0572 SAM_0574 SAM_0580 SAM_0581 SAM_0611 SAM_0613 SAM_0621

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